TJY Films

Themos James Yiacoupis
Video Producer, Editor and Camera Operator


I work as an independent freelance Video Producer as both a cameraman and video editor, but I am also available for hiring with a crew; and know others that I can call upon to work alongside me on projects. I have a degree in drama and multimedia and a Masters in arts criticism. I have experience with filming and editing promotional videos, documentaries, arts performances, showreels, trailers, large corporate events, etc. I also regularly work with award winning Producer, Madeleine French. If you are interested in having a video created for business, personal, or any use at all, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss things in further detail.


TJ came to Montezuma to create a promo video for the club. Filming in difficult circumstances, he managed to encapsulate a positive, lively, and fun environment without interfering with any of the customers on their night out. He was very professional and dressed appropriately for the club's dress code to help maintain our image. We are very happy with the work that he has produced, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a video.

— Tauland Kokuja, Club Montezuma

TJ's enthusiasm and professionalism was apparent from day 1, and consistent right until the end of our agreement. He was dedicated to spending more than enough time filming to get as much footage as possible for the best video outcome. He was always reliable and swift with communication, and the editing of our video was efficient and accurate to our guidelines. I would definitely recommend the services of TJY FILMS to others.

— Neale Cranwell, Krunch Gym

Working with TJ was an absolute pleasure and was incredibly easy. With a broad selection of equipment, he was able to create some really unique and creative shots which really helped to make his work stand out. TJ was very good at working with us as well and taking on board our ideas and interpretations of what we wanted to see in the video. Usually working with a non-skateboarder to make a skateboarding film can be quite difficult, but in TJ's case, he stood up to the plate.

— Max Golfar, Skates & Ladders

TJ has done several events for me now - he is a great team player and works well with the rest of the crew - he has produced some excellent video footage for me. I would not hesitate to recommend TJY FILMS to anyone who is looking for a young talented person to film and edit corporate and training events.

— Jayne Leach, QLS Group

TJ was careful and efficient in capturing all aspects of the gym we spoke about, and his approach to members was very professional. At one point he filmed an exercise class that only had a group of women taking part, I was a little worried some women may have felt uncomfortable with this, but instead I had excellent feedback from them.

I was very excited to see the video and was very pleased with the work he produced. The video was put together so well and looked very professional as if he'd been doing this for years. I liked it so much; I posted it through all our social media accounts.
It was a great pleasure having TJY FILMS work with Muscleworks and would definitely recommend him to other businesses, friends and family.

— Anthea Ioannou, Muscleworks Gym

Tj provides an extremely professional, but at the same time, relaxed environment. This allowed me to focus on my routine without interruption whilst he captured the right moments to showcase the moves and bring my work to life.

It was an enjoyable experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to others, especially for businesses that want to promote and showcase their services to wider audiences.

— Natasha Hull, Polaris

TJ was a very helpful camera operator and was very professional. His communication with me in the build up to a shoot and on location was superb. I would definitely recommend TJY FILMS to others and will be working with him again in the near future.

— Mehul Bhatt, Blogger & Presenter

We hired TJ for several different shoots, both indoors and outdoors for promotional and content material. He was always very professional, flexible and contributed excellently to the creative process. We will definitely be using his services again in the future.

— Riz Hussain, The Beckster Lifestyle

We at the Cheshunt Boxing Club would have no hesitation in recommending TJY FILMS to do your video/film. Our promo video has been a smash since TJ came to our gym. Credit where it is due.

— Steve O'Hara, Cheshunt Boxing Club